Swedish at work

The project Swedish at Work targets the newly arrived and their mentors, plus colleagues working in social enterprises and other work settings. 

The project aims to develop language support for those newly arrived who have disabilities, who are learning Swedish in the workplace. 

All new immigrants in Sweden need to learn Swedish. Most of them attend courses in Swedish (sfi) and Social Studies. 

It is difficult to learn to speak a language on one's own. Therefore it is important to have colleagues with whom to speak Swedish. 

Today many of the newly arrived receive work and language training with a mentor in their social enterprise. 

Initially, this can be challenging: 

How can I learn Swedish at work in the best possible manner?

How can mentors and other colleagues support language learning?

The project aims to find answers to these questions. 

The project will run for three years. During this time we will create a Facebook site and produce a podcast series and training films. We will develop training and workshops, methods and materials.

Are you interested in finding out more about Swedish at Work? You are more than welcome to contact us!

Contact information:

Carina Blomgren
Mobile: 0760-500 484
E-mail: carina.blomgren@forumskill.se

Randi Myhre
Mobile: 0760-500 342
E-mail: randi.myhre@forumskill.se