Sex – This is how it works

An accessible, fun and inclusive educational material about sex, relationships and sexuality for people how have intellectual disabilities and/or other cognitive difficulties.

The educational material Sex – This is how it works consists of four parts: an easy to read fact book, the feature film Om sex (About Sex), the cards Kort om sex (Cards About Sex) and a tutorial guide.

The fact book is easy to read. In order for the book to be as accessible as possible, the letters are big and the text is not compact. The colours are calm and the language is unadorned to avoid distraction. The tone is mature. For those who cannot read very much or at all, there are many photos and illustrations with accompanying captions. The images are concrete and fun. The text consists of facts interspersed with personal stories and tips.

The film Om sex is about Claudia and Oliver who become interested in each other, go on a date and have sex. We also meet Fatima and Tanja who have been together for ages and Gabi who knows quite a bit about sex.

The film is calmly paced and is 30 minutes long.

The film is a feature film with a fictional story that is inspired by reality.

Kort om sex is a collection of 30 images, both photos and illustrations. Each card has accompanying questions that can be used to inspire discussion. The cards act as an aid in conversations or as conversation starters. With the help of images, we can shift the focus from ourselves. When we describe what we see on the cards and talk about it, we have the opportunity to talk and think more freely, without being limited by who we are.

The tutorial guide is intended for those who want to lead discussions about sex, love and relationships. It is based on the same structure as the fact book; each chapter begins with an in-depth text on the subject followed by different discussion questions and exercises related to the fact book, images and film. The discussion questions are meant to start conversations and discussions. The exercises are a mix of free association, role-play and games that encourage and lead the participants forward.

The primary target group is young adults and adults with intellectual disabilities and other cognitive difficulties. The secondary target group is LSS* personnel (*The Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments), teachers, relatives and other people who work with the primary target group.

The material can be used in different contexts, such as in schools, group homes, study circles and different workplaces. It can be used when needed or as a regular feature.