Prejudice & Pride

Prejudice and Pride is an educational material whose aim is to encourage discussion on norms related to love and sexuality.

The educational material has been developed together with people who have intellectual disabilities or cognitive difficulties and can be used, for example, in day centres, social enterprises, habilitation, group homes and in education.


The material consists of an easy-to-read book with many pictures, a deck of cards with an accompanying handbook containing descriptions of different exercises.

The material also includes the documentary film Tessan=Viktor.

forum SKILL also offers lectures, workshops and tutorial guides on the subjects of love, sexuality and functionality.

The purpose of our work is to make visible and change the ideas and norms that underlie discrimination, harassment and degrading treatment.

We are also able to organise meetings and workshops with different themes such as love, feelings, reciprocity, sexuality and functionality, based on your wishes and needs.

The documentary film Tessan=Viktor


”I belong to a sort of double minority and face double prejudices and it is important to show and tell who you are just because of that.”

Tessan left home when she was only 15 years old. She has always gone her own way. Therefor, no one raised their eyebrows when she left the small town of Mullsjö and moved to the big city of Gothenburg to study. What no one knew was that Tessan bar on concerns and questions that she never dared to talk about with anyone.

Far from home, it might be easier?

First day of school, she met someone who would change her life.

In TESSAN = VICTOR 27 -year-old Therese Olsson talks directly and honestly about her innermost thoughts about life as a transsexual and having disabilities. The film concerns how it is to tell others about their identity, to dare to stand for who we are and to be expected. Waiting to become who you really are.

A documentary by Lollo Jarnebrink.

Sheila Silvestre who have collaborated in the production of PREJUDICE & PRIDE says:

”I, who have dyslexia, think the book is good with moderately large text and it’s easily understandable. For me it’s also good with repetition and summaries. The pictures in the book makes the text easier to understand.

Along the way as I have participated in several workshops, I have learned more about LGBTQ and discrimination.

I have gone to special schools and there is a shortage of teaching and discussions about this stuff. It is when school children begin to shape their identity, that these discussions are important.”

The project is a collaboration with Kvinnofolkhögskolan and funded by the State Inheritance Fund.