Norma – Creative workshop

Norma is a creative workshop for young women and transgender people aged 18-25 who suffer from mental illness. The project is run by SKILL with the aim of preventing, deterring and dealing with the alienation that can occur in the target group. We want to create an important and real workplace with a focus on empowerment, strength, the individual’s resources and creativity. We want to spread knowledge about mental illness and fight prejudices. We want to bridge the gap between educational, health care and government agencies and form a positive platform for the person behind the diagnosis.

The project was started in October 2014 and runs for a period of three years. The activities are run from a fantastic venue in Lagerhuset by Järntorget in Gothenburg on mondays to fridays for about four hours a day.

Norma is a Latin name that means “role model, pattern” and “Northerner”.

Marilyn Monroe, who suffered from mental illness, was born Norma.

Norma, as in changing norms, questioning the concept of “normal”.

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Contact information

Bitte Havstad

Linnéa Thoor
Project assistant

An-Cii Hult
Executive manager