Meeting Point

The aim of the project Meeting Point is to strengthen the conditions for good mental health for people with intellectual disabilities. We do this by raising issues related to sexuality and by strengthening and bringing together the associations that currently work with issues connected to the target group.

We want to make visible and include groups with sexualities that do not conform to the norm, in this case LGBTQ people, in order to promote good sexual health.

Our aim with Meeting Point is to counteract the structural discrimination and intersectional problems that lead to alienation and ill health.   

We will make this possible by:

  • Offering more meeting places for people to strengthen their identity together with others.
  • Offering accessible and adequate information about sex, relationships and sexuality.

In cooperation with the project Sex – This is how it works, we created the website, where anyone who is interested can have access to easily comprehensible information about sex and relationships.

Contact information

031-388 05 77
0760-50 03 42